More About FiddleSticks (the Next Generation)

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Marco & Andrea Davis's son Xan (Alexander Max Davis), was born October 21, 2002 and has delighted his family ever since. He's a mellow, easygoing, charming fellow, and his sisters and parents are deeply in love with him. He loves performing, and cannot stay off the stage when his sisters are performing. He's already just about got his bodhran triplet stroke figured out!








Zina Sabine joined the family on November 4, 2004, to the great delight of her brother, and the rest of us. She let us know from the start that her voice would be heard in our busy home... maybe she'll be our vocalist! Her sweet giggles and dark smiley eyes and incessant jabber have enchanted us all. Her gift is to love her brother Xanny even when he doesn't deserve it. Our only problem is we don't know her name. Her birth certificate still says "Camilla Sabine," but Andi just never warmed up to "Millie" so we added "Zina" to her name on a trial basis a couple of months after she was born. Neither option has officially stuck yet, mainly because everybody bailed on the name confusion and just calls her "Baby." Except Xanny who calls her Zina Sabine, so for now, we'll let him have his way. Stay tuned to this site for updates on the name evolution.